About DrSpa®
Hello, Meet DrSpa.

Brought to you by Dr Georgia Lee, DrSpa® is the natural companion to DrGL®, a line of boutique skincare dedicated to Asian skin types and climate. Just like DrGL® products which infuse science into skincare for maximum efficacy, the same can be expected of DrSpa® treatments. Using special devices as well as premium ingredients and select products from the DrGL® line, DrSpa® treatments will not only transport you to a state of bliss; enjoy visible results — from the very first visit.

To provide a truly therapeutic spa experience, one that heals both mind and body, DrSpa® is designed to be a haven of peace. Step in and leave the cares of the world behind. Our signature scent calms and uplifts at the same time while the warm lights of the candles lull and entrance.

Begin your retreat with a cup of fragrant herbal tea specially blended to complement your chosen treatment and optimize its benefits. You will then be ushered to the treatment rooms, stylishly appointed with custom designer couches and beds. For all aromatherapy treatments, only the purest organic essential oils are used to offer you a sublime sensory experience. This signature blend of oils also helps improve circulation, boosting the effects of the treatments.

The pampering doesn't stop when the treatment ends. You are welcome to unwind at the relaxation lounge. A vanity corner is also available for your touch-up needs.

Now we say “goodbye”. But we know it won't be long till “hello” again.



While DrSpa® treatments are certainly therapeutic, they are not medical treatments. No medical claims are being made with regards to the treatments offered.